Preto No Branco - 3/09/2011 - A Rádio Como Arte de Poesia de Vida

Emissão de António Silva

O Grande Poeta da rádio António Silva, traz-nos as diiurversas formas de poesia de Derek Bailey e a paixão das Peel Sessions dos The Fall.

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Preto No Branco - 27/08/2011 - O Jazz Integra-se na Alma

Emissão de Gustavo Trillo y Blanco

...quando a reflexão se eleva e olha para o futuro.

1.a primeira hora
 1 Red McKenzie, Mound City Blue Blowers    "What do I care what somebody else said"
 2 Charlie Johnson                          "Hot bones and rice"
 3 Reuben Rivers "Reeves" and his River Boys       "Yellow fire"
 4 Cab Calloway and his Orchestra           "Minnie the Moocher"
 5 Jimmy Lunceford and his Orchestra        "Jealous"
 6 Count Basie and his Orchestra            "Boogie Woogie (I may bewrong)"
 7 Roy Eldridge, Chu Berry                  "Body and Soul"
 8 Roy Eldridge and his Orchestra           "Fish Market"
 9 Rex Stewart (the Ellingtonians)        "I'm true to you"
 10 Sarah Vaughan                            "Time after time"
 11 The Keynoters (with Nat King Cole)     "Airiness a la Nat"
 12 Dexter Gordon                            "Settin' the pace"

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   2.a segunda hora
 1 Wardell Gray Quartet                     "Matter and mind"
 2 Maynard Ferguson, Benny Carter           "King's Riff"
 3 Billy Eckstine                           "Early Autumn"
 4 Benny Carter                           "( I'm left with ) the blues in my heart"
 5 Carmen McRae with Ralph Burns Orchestra  "Bye bye Blackbird"
 6 Ben Webster, Gerry Mulligan              "Tell me when"
 7 John Coltrane                            "Spiral"
 8 Art Blakey and the Jazz messengers       "Whisper not"
 9 Duke Ellington                           "African flower"
 10 Brad Mehldau                             "From this moment on"

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1ª Hora

1-NEU!NEU! - Hallogallo
3-Kraftwerk – “2” – Klingklang
4- Harmonia -.Musik Von Harmonia – Watussi
5- Harmonia & Eno 76 – Tracks and Traces – Atmosphere
6-ClusterSowiesoso – Sowiesoso
7-Cluster – Zuckerzeit
8-NEU!- “2” – Fur Immer

2ª Hora

1-GNR-Independança – Agente Único
3-GNR-Independança – Dupond & Dupont
4-GNR-Os Homens Não Se Querem Bonitos – Azraël
5-GNR-Independança – Bar Da Morgue
6-GNR-Os Homens Não Se Querem Bonitos – Freud & Ana
7-Alexandre Soares – Um Projecto Global – Livres de Hotel
8-GNR-Os Homens Não Se Querem Bonitos – Sonora
9-Alexandre Soares – Um Projecto Global – (Que) Ricos Dias
10-GNR-Psicopátria- Pós-Modernos
11-Alexandre Soares – Um Projecto Global – Fora de Casa
12-GNR-Psicopátria- O Paciente
13- Alexandre Soares – Um Projecto Global – Meus Amigos

Preto No Branco - 13/08/2011 - A Serena Paixão Em Periodo de Reflexao

Emisssão de Gustavo Trillo y Blanco 


 1. Billie Holiday           "Summertime"
 2. Fats Waller              "Ain't Misbehavin'"
 3. Eddie Lang               "Pickin' my way"
 4. Ben B Ernie and His Orch  "It's a lonesome old town"
 5. Chick Webb &E.Fitzgerald "Whwn I get low I get high"
 6. Glenn Miller & His Orch  "Glen Island Special"
 7. Glenn Miller & His Orch  "Song of the Volga boatmen"
 8. Sid Catlett's Band        "Love for Scale"
 9. Lennie Tristano           "Untitled Blues"
10. Lennie Tristano          "Interlude"
11. Charlie Parker           "Embraceable you"
12. Serge Chaloff            "Serge's tune"
13. Miles Davis All Stars    "Half Bernie"
14. Frank Rosolino           "Mean to me"
15. Lee Konitz & the Gerry   "Too Marvelous for words"
   Mulligan Quartet"

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 1. Kenny Dorham   "Who cares?"
 2. Sonny Rollins  "Reflections"
 3. Howard Ramsey's Lighthouse all stars "Blue sands"
 4. Howard Ramsey's Lighthouse all stars "Swing house"
 5. J.J. Johnson   "Acquarius"
 6. Lee Morgan     "The lion and the wolf"
 7  Charles Mingus "Prayer for passive resisistance"
 8  Woody Herman   "Camel Walk"

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Preto No Branco - 06/08/2011 - O Local faz a Música Ou A Música faz o Local

As cidades, os nomes e as bandas!

01. I'm From Barcelona - We're From Barcelona
02. Tahiti 80 - Keys To The City
03. Of Montreal - Wraith Pinned To The Mist
04. Zoos of Berlin - Century Rail
05. Page France - The Ruby Ring Man
06. Air France - Collapsing At Your Doorstep
07. Baffin Island - You Invited Me
08. Portugal, The Man - So American
09. Beirut - East Harlem
10. Phoenix - Rome
11. Germany Germany - Just Go
12. Enon - Shave
13. Architecture In Helsinki - Need To Shout

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14. Akron/Family - River
15. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Passionate Introverts
16. Blue Hawaii - Belize
17. Boards of Canada - Twoism
18. The Wilderness of Manitoba - Orono Park
19. Alaska in Winter - The Coldest Day In The World
20. The Midle East - Blood
21. Russian Red - I Hate You But I Love You
22. Calexico - Contention City
23. Arizona Amp And Alternator - Where The Wind Turns Your Skin Into Leather

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