WARP - A Velocidade do Futuro - 14/11/2009

O nosso Amigo Fernando traz-nos a velocidade do futuro, celembrando o aniversário da editora WARP.

1ª Hora

1-Squarepusher - my red hot car
2-Aphex twin - Wet tip me
3-Prefuse 73 - point
4-Req - Soul Plot
5-LFO - Tied Up
6-Boards Of Canada - Aquarius
7-Mira Calix - Simple
8-Autrechre - Cipater
9-Polygon Window - Quinophec
10-Nightmare on Wax - Les nuits
11-Richard Divine - Mov macros 7
12-Plaid - Quickemit

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1-Grizzlybear - Colorado
2-Battles - Atlas
3-Brodcast - Black Cat
4-Jamie Lidell - Daddy's Car
5-Flying Lotus - Tronix
6-Two Lone Swordsmen - Brootle
7-Phoenecia - Sunset con
8-Russell Haswell - Schrin Kunsthalle Frank Fu
9-Astrobotnia - Untitle
10-Luke Vibert - Countdown
11-Jimmy Edgar - I wanna be your STD
12-Jamie Lidell - When I come back around

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