Preto No Branco - 17/12/2011 - Canção, Dança e Jazz

Bix Beiderbecke

Emissão de Gustavo Trillo y Blanco

1. a HORA

  1 Paul Whiteman e sua orquestra com Bix Beiderbecke "It was the dawn of love"

  2 Louis Armstrong and His Orch. "Tight like this"

  3 Duke Ellington and His Orch.  "Ring them' bells"

  4 Fletcher Henderson and His Orch. "Sing you Sinners"

  5 André Dassary e Django Reinhardt "Un sourire en chantant"

  6 Django Reinhardt e Stéphane Grappeli "Minor Swing"

  7 Eddie Condon and His Orch w/ Pee Wee Russell "Love is just around the

  8 Lester Young and His Kansas City six "Good morning Blues"

  9 Lester Young and His Kansas City six "I know that you know"

 10 Mary Lou Williams "Harmony Blues"

 11 Benny Goodman and His Orch "Crazy Rythm"

 12 Jimmy Dorsey and His Orch. "Contrasts"

 13 Bing Crosby "I'll be home for Christmas"

 14 Dizzy Gillespie "Dream of you"

 15 Louis Armstrong "Christmas in New Orleans"

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 2. a HORA

 1 Buddy DeFranco "It could happen to you"

 2 Miles Davis " I waited for you"

 3 Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley "Dancing in the dark"

 4 Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley w/ Miles Davis "Love for sale"

 5 Miles Davis w/Gil Evans Orch. "Solea"

 6 Miles Davis w/Gil Evans Orch. "So what"

 7 Shirley Horn w/ Miles Davis "You won't forget me"

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